What do Probiotics Do? ....

I am sure you are asking the question 'what do probiotics do' and wondering - 'How can I ensure my probiotic health'

For the most part that's easy...nature takes care of it! -but you can be proactive in support when you know what probiotics do and how they work...

All the different types of bacteria compete with one another, trying to be top dog. The population of probiotics, the good bacteria, determine whether you are healthy or ailing, so ensuring a good balance is the way to go. Healthy people have high levels of the desirable microbes in their system, and these probiotics work tirelessly to keep the not-so-good bacteria in check.

...So what do probiotics do to achieve this?...

- Firstly, bacteria compete for nutrients - your good bacteria flourish if your diet is rich in fibre - wholegrains, vegetables and fruit provide this - so this is where you can help!

- 'Bad' bacteria will thrive if you eat mostly white bread, cakes and candies - (the probiotics will be struggling to exist!) - and so the balance is tilted and this will lead to health challenges like yeast infection and digestive problems. Not what you want - and again you make the choices!

As the numbers of probiotic bacteria increase they will compete successfully with the less desirable bacteria for access to the intestinal walls, securing a comfy home for themselves and displacing the bad bacteria, many of which will likely be swept away and excreted. A viable population of probiotic microbes ensures that your internal environment is acidic, and this also controls the undesirables.

All in all, a lusty population of probiotics, the good bacteria, results in a healthier, happier YOU, - so that little bit of extra effort will achieve what you are aiming for - good health!

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