Baby Yeast Infection / Infant Thrush

Is your little one fussing and fretting, especially at the breast? A baby yeast infection could be the culprit.

An infant yeast infection makes Baby uncomfortable at feed time, which can be really distressing for you as a Mom. Especially in the early days of breast feeding, when you just want it all to go right.

If you are breast-feeding, be on the alert for stabbing pain in your breasts as you feed. This could be an indication of yeast infection in the milk ducts. You need to seek advice from your doctor, lactation consultant or well baby clinic to avoid a ‘ping-pong’ effect of reinfection between you and your and baby.

What does a Baby Yeast Infection look like?

Take a look into your baby's mouth. Do you see creamy, somewhat furry-looking, white patches on the inside of the baby’s cheeks, tongue and gums?

If you are a first-time Mum you may be horrified that this could happen to your precious baby.

Don’t feel bad!

It's not that you are doing anything wrong and thrush infection problems are very common.

What causes an Infant Yeast Infection?

Tiny’s come into this world in a pristine state and with immature immune systems having to build protection for themselves as they go along.

Candida albicans spores are present in the birth canal and some of these will have found a new home in baby's digestive system, causing newborn thrush.

What about diaper rash?

Diaper rash is also a form of yeast infection. Control this with topical remedies from your drug store or healthcare provider and a strict routine of changing diapers so as to reduce dampness in the area. It can make the little one very tetchy, but will not cause any lasting harm.

What's the Solution?

There are long-term, life-style interventions which can be very beneficial for both baby and Mom - in fact the whole family!

The answer is to build a really healthy immune system to overcome the problem.

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