Chronic Yeast Infections

What are the bad health effects of recurrent thrush?

The question you may not be asking is 'Can chronic yeast infections affect my health long-term?'

This is something you should be asking because the short answer is 'Yes' - even if that's not what you want to hear.

What's the worst case scenario of chronic yeast infection?

The most common result of unchecked, recurring yeast infection is that the 'baddies' grow legs - the fungus spores develop hair-like projections (‘hyphae’) that grow into your intestinal lining. This in turn can lead to ‘leaky gut syndrome’ which is definitely not something you want to risk.

Leaky Gut Syndrome? So what?

Leaky gut syndrome is a result of damage to the stomach and gut linings. It allows semi-digested particles of food to enter the blood-stream. Your body is not designed to deal with partially digested food. So your immune system kicks in and triggers allergic reactions even if you have never been allergy-prone before.

You're allergic - what now?

Allergies are basically very boring and difficult to manage. Once your immune system has decided that a perfectly ordinary food is a mortal 'enemy' it can be pretty difficult to convince it otherwise.

And that's not the worst?

No, it's not. Fungal spores can travel anywhere in your body. They have a convenient, free transport system - your bloodstream - that takes them wherever they choose to go.

And once they get to their destination?

Let's think where that might be...

They can end up in your sinuses leading to chronic sinusitis.
They can end up in your lungs leading to lung infection.
They can end up in your bladder leading to urinary tract infections.

The possibilities go on...

What's the silver lining in this gloomy scenario?

There are four things you need to do now:

  1. Get treatment for your current acute yeast infection
  2. Put the good guys back on top with a healthy diet and anti-fungal treatments and supplements
  3. Learn how to balance your body to fight further yeast infections
  4. Get the facts about your immune system and how to keep it in tip-top condition

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