How to Boost Immune System

Do You Know How to Boost Immune System?....

To be healthy you need to know how to boost immune system. It’s the front-line defence and needs to be fighting fit to win against all challengers, including treating yeast infections.

There is plenty of information around if you want to study the subject, but as a candida sufferer it's only necessary to know the basics of how to boost immune system.

The human body immune system needs to be able to play its role in keeping candida in its place. It needs the right ammunition to operate really efficiently - healthy immune system cells!

The diet guidelines in Yeast Infection Diet give a blueprint for good eating. The secret is to add the extra ingredients to ensure that your immune system is getting everything it needs – this means supplementing good quality, whole-food nutritional supplements.

Why is it necessary to supplement when you are working hard to eat right?

That's the big question – the problem stems from many factors in modern life. Not least the worlds’ marketing of our food. If you don’t grow your own vegetables and fruit organically, harvest them and eat them immediately (and few of us can today), you will not get what you need.

We have no control over the time lag for commercially grown fresh produce to reach the market, nor the fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides used on them. But we can take responsibility for our health by adding good supplements to fill dietary gaps and boost immune system.

What should you supplement?

A really high-potency multi-vitamin and mineral supplement taken from wholefood extracts is the base. We can’t hope to get enough from our diet, and nutrients are team players - the right balance is key.

The best support for the human body immune system is a wide selection of fresh fruits and vegetables, especially the brightly coloured ones – carrots, red and yellow peppers, green leafy vegetables, melons, all the red and purple berries, plums, nectarines, etc. These contain carotonoids – at least 600 of them, and you need them all! - they are powerful immune system boosters. There are also supplements of these in concentrated form.

How to Boost Immune System is such an important 'health tool'......

....we will follow-up with more info later. But for now -

Do your ‘due diligence’ - research the manufacturer of the supplements you choose – this is vital. It's a major dollar-spinning industry and not all products are made equal!!

With fifteen years exposure I can give you pointers to look for - and some guidance of the products I have researched and use myself.

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