Is Thrush Contagious?

Can a yeast infection be 'caught' if you're not careful?

The short answer to 'Is Thrush contagious" is 'Yes' - and also 'No'.

Basically, it's not always clear cut. It depends on the type of thrush and what sort of contact you have with the infected person.

Yes, you can catch thrush from someone else...

Yeast infections are commonly contagious in very intimate circumstances - such as a mother breastfeeding a baby, sexual contact or sharing someone's toiletries or underwear.

... if your immune system isn't fighting-fit

It also depends on the state of your immune system health. If your immune system is functioning well it is designed to cope with this type of attack.

What affects your immune system?

If you are run-down and coping with any stress - and let's face it recovering from any sort of illness, or coping with a newborn baby is stressful - your immune system may not be up to the challenge.

How can you limit your risk?

Firstly, take certain physical precautions.

  • Don't share toiletries and cosmetics.

  • Don't borrow anyone's undies - even if they are freshly laundered. Fungi spores can survive the laundromat!

  • Avoid sexual intimacy if you or your partner suspect you are suffering from thrush. Get treated first.

Is there anything else can you do?

Yes. You can give your immune system the best fighting chance by eating well and supplementing while you get treatment - and after. Food is fuel - if you only eat well as long as you are trying to recover, recurrent yeast infections are likely to be your lot.

Keep your immune system constantly up to speed with a healthy diet and use quality food supplements every day.

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