Causes of Recurring Yeast Infection

Why do I keep getting thrush?

The causes of recurring yeast infection are obvious once you know what you are looking for.

Human digestive systems - yours and mine - are a seething mass of bacteria - some friendly and helpful and some not so friendly. This is in accordance with one of nature's amazing plans!

Nature builds you with a delicate balance of gut bacteria

But sadly it's easily upset... if you are anything like the rest of us your diet is full of refined carbs - yummy cakes and bakes, sugary cookies and fizzy drinks, take-aways that are so very convenient but laden with fat!

A highly-refined diet is not good for YOU but...

...the 'bad' bacteria in your gut are in heaven!

With these perfect conditions they can multiply so fast that the 'good guys' who usually keep them under control can't cope.

The good bacteria - starved of their diet of fiber from fruit and vegetables and from whole-grains are fighting for their own lives, rather than protecting yours!

Recurrent thrush can also be a result of treatment with conventional medications

- whether over-the-counter or prescription. Yes, there are remedies that will stop the itch - but only for a while.

These remedies kill off the fungal spores they come in contact with but they don't tackle the underlying problem. The result is that the front-line baddies are taken out, but it's not long before replacement troops take over and your yeast infection reoccurs. The bad news is that now those microbes have become resistant to the common drugs and are harder to treat in the future.

Antibiotics can also cause problems with thrush. They are intended to kill harmful bacteria but actually can't tell the difference. So they end up killing off helpful bacteria as well - which has disastrous effects on the balance that your digestive system needs.

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