Reoccurring Yeast Infections - and Medication….

the first step in controlling reoccurring yeast infections is to seek medical help to bring the discomfort to a bearable level. This will give relief - but only for a limited period.

The medications likely to be recommended will be anti-fungal drugs such as miconazole cream or suppositories, nystatin vaginal tablets or one of many other preparations.

Why aren't the medications a permanent cure?.....

The meds zap the fungus 'baddies' that they come in contact with but soon the population of ‘bad’ bacteria (which includes candida) recovers and then the ‘itch’ will be back.

Repeated use of medication just makes the ‘bad’ microbes stronger and stronger and they become resistant to the drug ingredients. Eventually they don't work at all - and you are back to Square One with no solution.

So what is the long-term solution?.....

The ultimate goal of any treatment plan to overcome recurrent thrush is to restore the healthy balance of good bacteria and then maintain it at optimal levels.

To do this you need to follow a sytematic plan.

Firstly - eat a really healthy diet – healthy for you and for the good bacteria that is- (more details in Yeast Infection Diet ) – but briefly, cut out sugar completely and avoid ‘yeast friendly’ food items. Get this right and you will be on your way to having your yeast infection a thing of the past!

Then - use natural anti-yeast infection remedies and probiotics to make doubly sure that the balance stays right, and you won't need to worry anymore.

You will feel – and be - amazingly well! The ‘good guys’ will do the policing of the other members of your internal population - and you can get on with your life without a care in the world.

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