Symptoms of Yeast Infection

What are the warning signs of thrush?

What are the common symptoms of yeast infection?
All of the following are yeast infections symptoms:

  • white furry coating on tongue and cheeks inside the mouth
  • painful vaginal itching with a cheesy-smelling discharge
  • genital itch in men (jock itch)
  • painful breasts when nursing baby
  • peeling skin between the toes
  • red, angry chapping in baby's nappy area that does not heal

It's not just the symptoms you need to get rid of....

Yeast infections have been around for ever - and have mostly been treated as an uncomfortable inconvenience. It is now known that these infections can cause long-term health problems , so you need to support your internal 'good' bacteria so as to keep the 'enemy' troops under control!

Your first need is to stop that maddening itch and regain your sanity.

Then - when you are more comfortable - draw up a battle plan to do the job properly, once and for all.

"But the itch has gone," I hear you say...

Yes, but that doesn't mean it can't come back!

"Can't I just take a pill and be done with it?" is your next question.

If only it was that simple - these little microbial monsters are most tenacious, and you need some determined effort to see them off for good.

The good news is that it can be done - and just imagine how good your life will be without the itching.

I've been there and I wouldn't go back for anything!

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