Vaginal Thrush - Also Called Vaginal Candidiasis

Definitely the MOST unpleasant of all forms of chronic thrush

Are you stressed out - especially in company - coping with the burning and itching of vaginal thrush?
Maybe you feel sure that everyone you meet must be aware of your problem - it's that overwhelming, isn’t it?

What is vaginal thrush?
Do you have the symptoms of vaginal yeast infections?

The symptoms are:

  • a maddening itch in the genital region,
  • painful urination
  • a thick, creamy discharge with a cheesy smell
  • You may have all of the symptoms, or just one or two of the three. Any one of them can make your life miserably uncomfortable.

    What are the causes of Vaginal Thrush?

    It's all caused by a fungus. You may be wondering where you picked up a fungus but in fact it's a perfectly natural part of a healthy human digestive system. Unfortunately the pace of modern life can destabilize your body and then the fungus can multiply wildly and get out of control...

    What could be causing YOUR thrush infection?

    • taking antibiotics
    • working long hours
    • life stress

    Taking antibiotics
    Antibiotics are amazing drugs - and in some cases They can end up killing off the good bacteria as well as the infection they are meant to target! When this happens our immune system is left to cope with resident ‘bad’ bacteria such as candida albicans without the good bacteria, its front-line troops – result – an overgrowth of yeast, causing an infection.

    Working long hours
    This can lead to tiredness and a tendency to neglect your diet. Takeaways are soooo… convenient and of course cookies and candy give one a feeling of energy. But yeast thrives on sugar and refined carbs so that could be where the trouble starts, leading to chronic vaginal yeast infections.

    Life stress
    Periods of stress or ill-health can leave you feeling run down and overwhelmed. Your immune system takes a knock and thrush can be the result.

    Is thrush unavoidable then?

    It can sound as though thrush is inevitable given our modern lifestyle.
    It's not - knowledge is power!

    Thrush can be treated and with lifestyle changes you can put yourself back in charge and make sure it doesn't recur.

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