What are Probiotics - Supplements or Food?

If you're asking "What are probiotics?", you've come to the right place. The short answer is that probiotic is the name given to beneficial bacteria which populate the human digestive system.

There are some bacteria that can be harmful and still others can be both helpful and harmful depending on the circumstances. It can get rather complicated figuring it all out.

Let's focus on health-promoting bacteria for now.

So bacteria are really good for our health?

Yes - certain bacteria definitely are important for your health.

Probiotics are the ‘Good Guys’. They are the beneficial bacteria in your digestive system which work in myriads of ways to keep you healthy, comfortable, clear-headed and rearing to get on with your life!

You have around 100 trillion microbes in your system and they weigh more than a kilogram. They are a force to be reckoned with and are known as microflora. About 80% of them can be found in the intestines where they play an important role for your digestion and immune system.

That's all very well but...

... where do the probiotic supplements come in?

Probiotic supplements are capsules, tablets or powder containing a selection of pro-biotic microbes which have been specially bred in a laboratory and 'freeze-dried' to ensure that they are alive and well when you need them!

If you have an acute health problem such as a yeast infection (thrush) or have had treatment with antibiotics, taking a good quality probiotic supplement will correct the balance of microflora more speedily than relying only on diet.

Does that answer the question 'what are probiotics?'

If so, here are some other things you may find helpful to know.

Exciting research is providing more and more facts about probiotics and the positive effect they can have on your health - follow the text links above for more information.

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