Yeast Infection Diet

Healthy Diet Can Control Recurrent Thrush...

This doesn't have to be rocket science - a yeast infection diet can be mostly plain common-sense, if you understand how yeast feeds and grows.

You are fighting a war against bacteria overgrowth. Your diet is the first option you have to boosting your 'good guy' troops. But if you don't take care it can also be the enemy's supply-chain.

5 tips to starve the enemy out

Here's a simple outline to start you off -

  • avoid refined carbs (white flour) and sugar
  • opt to eat whole-grains, pulses (peas and lentils) and beans
  • avoid foods that contain yeast
  • beef up your vegetable and fruit intake
  • drink plenty of water

Avoid refined carbs (white flour) and sugar

Those 'bad' bacteria flourish on every type of sugar (which also means refined carbs) so trim your diet to eliminate sugar/carbs.

You need the lowest carb diet you can manage. The concept is very simple - the yeast infection microbes eat sugar - to stop them multiplying you must NOT eat sugar.

Opt to eat whole-grains, pulses (peas and lentils) and beans

Good bacteria need plenty of fiber - especially soluble fiber - and so do you. To supply this you need to step up raw vegetables in your diet and make sure that there are plenty of of beans and pulses - haricot beans, borlotti beans, chickpeas and lentils. Restrict fruit for the first month because of the sugar content - then add sparingly.

Avoid foods that contain yeast

Yeast itself needs to be avoided in a yeast infection diet. You will be surprised by the things that contain yeast - bread, of course, gravy mixes, pickles and anything containing vinegar - also alcohol - wines and beers. Firm and ripe cheeses carry fungus - mushrooms are fungus! Stimulants such as coffee and tea also need to be left alone.

Beef up your vegetable and fruit intake

Remember Grandma urging you to eat up your vegetables? Well, she may not have known you were going to suffer from thrush - but hey, she was right! Sadly when we grow up we forget Granny's wisdom! Add a wide variety of vegetables to your diet, especially the brightly coloured ones - red and yellow bell peppers, butternut, etc. and also dark green, leafy veg - these are all packed full of phyto nutients which boost your immune system!

Its best to go slowly with fruit for the first week or two because of the high sugar content in these items - build-up as the infection begins to come under control - again berries and brightly coloured fruit are very healthy - and delicious.

Drink plenty of water

Drink at least six to eight glasses of pure water every day. An overgrowth of candida releases vast amounts of toxins into your system - these need to be flushed out as quickly as possible to prevent you feeling really under the weather.

Fighting microbes takes planning and willpower

These microscopic critters are pretty wily. Their desire for their favourite food will produce some serious cravings in you - so be prepared to call on steely willpower to overcome these!

Your 'sweet-tooth' will fade in a while and you will feel better than you have in ages.

Specialist Cookbooks provide ideal recipes designed to make eating a pleasure - even on a yeast infection diet.

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